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hello , im back again , question about artist oils (gamblin brand) and faces , i used this method , I based with a vallejo fleshtone, after id dried and painted my eyes i covered the entire face ,neck forehead in burnt umber artist oil , then wiped 95% off with a small sponge , leaving all the shadow areas with the burnt umber , it looks really good but now i want to do highlights with the same artist oils and the last time i tried this , the highlight colors revived the very slim layer of raw umber on the face and it turned into a gray mess, should i let that face dry much longer?before adding the highlights?

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How long had you been waiting? Oils tend to take a while to fully dry.

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probably not long enough , but if i wait long enough . it should work nicely , any suggestions on how to tell if there dry enough to add the highlights?

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Mmmmm, I seem to remember, someone working with oils hitting it with a thin coat of varnish between each oil coat. It was on a youtube video.

one way to tell if they are dry enough, without adding varnish, would be at the same time you put the coat on the face, but a patch on a piece of styrene sheet, then you could try applying over the coat on the sheet and if it’s ok, work on your figure.

i am always amazed at how long it takes oils to dry

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Winsor Newton: Understanding-the-Drying-Times-for-Oil-Colour may be of interest.

Umber(s) tend to be one of the faster drying oil at around ~ 2 days per chart.

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I’d also drain your paints on a piece of cardboard so that they can dry faster. I’d then transfer them to a palette for easier working for your needs. Draining them of their linseed oil cuts the dry time from multiple days to fully dry in a few hours (depending on the thickness of the coat). The thinner the coat, the quicker the dry time.

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Here’s my technique using artist oils over acrylic base colors:

Figure Painting with Oils

Face painting starts at about 01:03:00. However, the techniques for blending are covered earlier with uniforms and accessories.


ty you for that video

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