Fallschirmjäger, Bjerkvik, 1940. 1/16

This 1/16 figure represents a FJ soldier fighting near Bjerkvik outside Narvik during the German invasion of Norway in April 1940. It is mounted on a fragment from a mortar grenade found while metal detecting in Bjerkvik.


Love it! Can I just make one suggestion though? AK ultra matte varnish. I made this same mistake for years. The curse of shiny clothing. Give it a try, you’ll love it!


Your build looks great, good quality painting.
What type of paint did you use?
I guess it took long times to get to this good result.
If you ask me, the fragment gives the figure a nice speciality.
Just wanted to comment on your post, hope you appreciated.

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Thanks guys. Lazarus,I have now ordered that product,I hope it ll work coz most of the ones I ve tried does a lousy job at being flat matte:)

I used Vallejo model color, and I used a few hours every evening through a week to make it:) I love using relics for these projects as it really adds another dimension and “reality” to the figure/diorama :slight_smile:

I had the same problem with surfaces turning glossy over time. Now I’m using MRP matt varnish and it is killing the shine with no problems.

Great figure BTW. Is it Andrea Miniatures?


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Thanks,Marion. It is Andrea yes if I remember correctly:)

Part of the Eisernes Kreuz range IIRC.
Very nicely rendered and cast but twice the price of other figures. Saying that, I’d love to do this in 1/35!

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I got the AK ultra matte varnish suggested to me by Lazarus, and that stuff really works! No more semi gloss finish on uniforms :slight_smile:

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