Fallschirmjager with Pak 40, Anzio 1944 - 1:35

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Fallschirmjagers and Pak 40 Anzio 1944,1:35 scale.


Figures/Pak 40 - are from Dragon Models and built straight out of the box and were painted and weathered using Vallejo Paints and pastel chalks.

Base - is high density foam cut to shape and the ground work is a mix of spakfilla/sand/dirt and then painted and weathered. The stone wall and stones are kitty litter and the grass tufts are from Army painter and the small bushes are from Woodland Scenics dead foliage kit.


Very cool !!!

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Thanks so much Cheyenne and sorry for the late reply.


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Thanks heaps MrT

Nice work!

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Thanks Zonarch