Famo w/88mm painting question

OK, the above listed vehicle was originally painted Panzer Gray, then was repainted Dark Yellow. The question is, would the cab interior be left in Panzer Gray, or repainted in Dark yellow? I think it would be left gray, however, I can see a pedantic officer saying “OKW paint the vehicle Dunkelgelb, All of the vehicle!” So what is Y’alls opinion? Thanks for any and all help, Joel

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I would paint the whole thing dark yellow.

Dark Yellow too. Maybe some chipping with Panzer Grey on some parts

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It depends on which type do you prefer, you want to make it look more interesting or realistic.

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I’m with you. I believe Panzer Grey vehicles which were overpainted Dunkelgelb would leave the interior Panzergrau. It’s too much of a fag to repaint the interior. Likewise I don’t reckon they’d try too hard with the chassis. Basically we’re looking at camouflage effect, if it isn’t seen don’t repaint it.