Favourite online modelers?

Just out of curiosity who are your go to modellers on YouTube?

Here’s my favourites. Who else should I be watching?

NigthShift. https://www.youtube.com/c/NightShiftScaleModels/videos
Plasmo. https://www.youtube.com/c/idaemonplasmo/videos
LazerCreation World. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8PPpb-2kFmb5zgqL7EmAmw/videos

Why these guys? Well NightShift amazes me with his imagination and patience. Days to chip a model? Plasmo simply does an amazing job. I don’t do cars but his cars are about the best I’ve seem. His planes are a real inspiration. LazerCreationWorld has great results. His techniques make me shudder but they work.

So who else is out there that gets your modeling juices flowing? Who else amazes with their techniques?


My favourites are

Nigel’s Modelling Bench
Harry Houdini Models
Modelkit Stuff
Doogs Models
Mister G’s Workbench
AlexModeling and
Clive’s modelling channel

oh and of course Uncle Nightshift and Plasmo

Apart from Nightshift, I like also these three:
Domingo Hernandez: DH Scale Models - YouTube
Coldemonspl: coldemonspl - YouTube
Rick Lawler: Rick Lawler : Propaganda - YouTube

Like a number of those guys, another is
hpiguys Workshop

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Scale-A-Ton is one of my favorites of the YouTube group that’s not been mentioned yet.

Ebroin - especially the Tirpitz Build Series is my other favorite not mention yet. In truth Ebroin got me fired up wanting to build most of all with his unrelenting focus.

Find both very interesting and help with trying new techniques etc.

NightShift of course and Plasmo.

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I need to find instruction on how to paint figures, 1/48 particular. something not too complicated, especially faces/ flesh tones. anyone have any suggestions?


Yeah, follow the figure campaign for lots of good information. Enter one for more positive feedback. :+1:

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I am surprised that no one has mentioned Michael Rinaldi yet, so I will :slightly_smiling_face:
I always learn something watching his sessions.


I like Michael Rinaldi but his videos can go on and on.

Most the others above I have seen. Always something to learn.

Here’s a guy I think is about the ‘best’ diorama builder. But finding information and sites can be a pain. http://www.feldbahn-modellbau.ch/

These ones on Youtube are mainly useful for dioramas and kitbashing. But there is a lot of useful tricks.


Also there is three members on here I also follow in no particular order. There might even forgotten a few more that don’t came to mind of hand.





Here’s a guy that really makes you feel inadequate!! Watch the latest video. Posted 3 days ago. (part 3).

I’m not into cars but!!!

Late to the party with another modeler to add to the list.

I really enjoy のんびりプラモチャンネル, translated roughly as “Leisurely Plastic Model Channel”. Modeler has his own style, definitely focused on visual impact. Large library of complete projects. One video covers build.

Leisurely Plastic Plastic Model Channel - #153 Amusing Hobby, Shot Kal

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