FC Model Trend Has LOTS of 3-D Accessories---FYI

I just came across this company that I know little of and I am not affiliated with.

I don’t know how their Customer Service is as I haven’t ordered from them so this is just a FYI.

I noticed that they make 1/16 and 1/24 machine guns and a wide assortment of figures and accessories. Unique items include unit plaques, push bumpers for Spanish Marine HMMWVs, kids, guns, guntruck pedestal guns in various scales, tires, storage boxes, arcade game console, M-60 M161 dashboard gun, decals, etc.

While I’ve seen some of their kits before, I didn’t know that they were so extensive in their line of kits.

FC Model Trend

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From what I’ve seen of the actual prints rather than CAD images, quality is pretty bad.

Use and order without fear packing is excellent as is service.