FCM 36 Tank with French Tank Crew | Armorama™

Darren Baker takes a look at the FCM 36 with a French tank crew in 1/35th scale from ICM.

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Really nice to see a review of this kit! It’s a great subject, one that definitely deserves a styrene kit.


I have just started the fcm 36 from icm. 10/10 for subject matter. Darren is right the bevelled edges can be tricky for joins. You cannot easily build an interior as there are no sponsons above the tracks and the lower hull sides continue vertically to the roof. Given the complex shapes involved icm have done a good job. Not sure about the rubber two piece tracks. These two man French tanks did really travel close to the ground. One last observation , the bogies are joined to horizontal extensions from the hull floor. There is no interior suspension shown like the tamiya,s Matilda 2 or S35. Still you can’t see it under the side armour anyway. Can’t wait to do the psychedelic paint job,

Kit of interest. Too bad I already built one in resin …
Greetings, Omar