in my teens I did a lot of modeling and although I say it myself, quite well (by the standards of the time).
In 1979 I entered the army and lost the time and opportunity to continue modeling.
About ten years ago I had an occupational accident that broke my neck. After surgery and long rehabilitation I am now semi-mobile.
The interest in model building has always remained and after the accident I crawled behind the computer to look up all kinds of things and to my surprise it turns out model building has become much more extensive than at the end of the 1970s.
Slowly I started with a few small projects that succeeded by trial and error.
Now, my fine motor skills are starting to deteriorate and before I can no longer manipulate those small parts, I would like to make another nice size diorama.
In my career I was part of a company REME.
We have been on maneuver (exercise) a lot (in the 80s and 90s until the dissolution of the Belgian armed forces in Germany) and we always set up a “workshop in the field”.

Now here is my question:
If you can provide me with information (all kinds : texts, photos, …) about field workshops of the Germans (FELDWERKSTATT) in WW2, I would be very grateful.
I would like to project my own experiences back to WW2 because personally I think the vehicles and equipment are more beautiful than the modern ones.

PLEASE NOTE! hereby I do not glorify a war or the facts that happened!!!

Thanks in advance Tasmo.


Sorry to hear about your health issues… hope you can keep modelling still for a long time.

The best references I know are the Repairing the Panzers I & II volumes, although they are being reprinted… you may either try to get them second hand (I doubt any shop has still in stock) or wait until it is reprinted:

Unfortunately I do not know of any equivalent online resource

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@ varanusk,

thanks for the kind words and will look out for those books

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