Fh70, UK version

Started this, FH70 1/35 from Y modelle UK version.

Well done Frank; I was toying with the idea but I don’t see a Foden Limber vehicle being produced anytime soon - and I like to depict my artillery (mostly) towed. Anyway, 'be following this with interest.

Afterthought: Of course it might look sufficiently interesting being driven by the APU; hmmm.

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It is going by APU, hard to take to shows spread eagle.

Makes sense!

Thought there was a Foden 8x8, but this is the closet I can find: AA products » 1:35th Complete Kits » K179a

Is this Stash or recent purchase?
Interested in Y-Modelle, but not willing to risk highway robbery by HMRC Ben Turpins at the PO at the moment…

I have JGSDF 155mm Howitzer FH-70 on pre-order from 1999.co.jp at the mo… might bwe a while in getting here though

Would Ben be a descendant of Dick Turpin?

Different scale but both together


A lot more detail in that one from 1999.co.jp.

Yea, the Highway Robbery D!cks want us to Ben Dover? :sweat_smile:


Jon, thanks for the thought and the AA kit might be a starter but it would take a lot of work and I really haven’t the wherewithal to tackle it in order to get the tractor, which is quite complex:

Mind you, for those who could, the combination - of gun and tractor - would be very impressive.

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I bet you have Ben Dovers full collection.:rofl::rofl:

Was that the 10-disc collection box produced by Phil McCrackin with a
guest appearance by the Irish duo Roy Fitzpatrick and Patrick Fitzroy?

Don’t know, just walked in barrack blocks on in most rooms :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:,

little bit more work.



Accurate Armour does several variants of the Foden, not just the one above. The recovery vehicle looks to be the one that gets you the correct wheel arrangement. A little scratchbuilding and you’re there.

paint on, needs covers breach and baffle to be made.



Very nice, what did you think of the quality of the kit?