Fiat 697 Ejercito Argentino project 2022

I usually get tired of a long project like truck and trailer so I often range them with simpler and lighter projects, however the heart is not commanded.
In the 1/32 and 1/35 scales there are sometimes civilian engines that are sometimes also used in the military and it is a very tempting transformation.
The idea started a couple of years ago while I was looking for the cabin to build the new M915 and instead in my search I came across a vehicle from my childhood: the legendary Fiat 697. It was in fact possible to find many around the Italian trade. and among the toys was the reproduction of the Bardux … very well done.
The vehicle has never in fact been in service in the Italian army but was used by the Argentine army both as a tractor for the tank carriers and as a tractor for the artillery which was used both 4x6 and 6x6 I preferred to do the 6x6 version.
unfortunately I was unable to find information on the tank carrier so I decided to build the truck in the tractor version of artillery


I’m starting with a toy found in e-bay

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disassembly the toy…

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old sistem to erase paint: brake fluid!

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nothing to do! paint is probably made with uranium…
I brush the cab with industrial paint stripper


now the cabin is clear, a small correction is requested


Trasmissin train must be managed…

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wheels investigation is started

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Great idea. Lots of potential.

internal cab needs more work…

I’m searching more realistic seats…

Well, this is different!

New interior, not complete but in fase of alignment

chassis management LRGD front axle and hemtt suspension on… Diamond frame

Front bumper in rework

doors refiling

it’s time to prepare wheels: my collection of Esci Pirelli is exausted. so I’m starting to prepare new wheels; not only for this truck but also for my Italian Greyhound and for Citefa Gun

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in foundry !

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artillery begins




I close bubbles and voids