Field drab correct FS réf?

Hi all
I’ve found several references for the FS Field Drab. I intend to find a good match for the one used in the Korean “MERDC” scheme.
Which is the correct one?


FS 30118 ?


I use Model Master Dark Tan (FS30219) for the tan color in MERDC. Here it is on an M48A5 in Korea. The ROK pattern is the same.

Thank both of you.
By the way Gino, which FS reference is correct for the so-called NATO Green?
I’m trying to find a reference in the Prince August range.

NATO green is FS34094. However, the US also uses Forest Green (FS34079) in the NATO camo pattern. They are really close colors and either will look fine.

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I wonder if the Korean paints fade and shift as much as the US MERDC colors did? The US colors would bleach and color shift quite a bit in a relatively short time.


The Korean cammo does not use the same field drab. It is more of an earth color. I took chips off of actual vehicles during one of my many trips there and sent them to some dude who posted on the old Armorama site asking for help with his new paint company. Of course I don’t remember who he was and he never responded back. But rest assured Field Drab is not the color you’re looking for.

As for the scheme, it’s not really MERDC either. While the Korean scheme uses black, they do not use the traditional “crow’s feet” that MERDC was known for.
Their pattern has some noticeable differences. The good news is I have some pretty good walkarounds of their cammo on M48’s and M47’s. I posted one a few weeks ago, but hit me up and I’ll send you the images if you like.

Thank you for the input. I have used another reference for the Korean brown maybe not the exact shade but I like it :wink:
I’ll post pictures later.
I know the Koreans do not use the US MERDC camo but something close. Academy give pretty good color instructions to apply the camo. If my AB allows it I’ll spray the black and sand “stripes”. Otherwise I’m good for a good old hand brush session.


Just correcting erroneous information. MERDC indeed not the same, but you knew that. :wink:

For the sand and black I like to enlarge the painting guide to 1:35 scale, and slice out the sand and black portions with a no. 11 blade. Apply directly to model and spray. The pattern on Korean vehicles is so tight you’ll have trouble getting it right no matter how good your airbrush is.

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