Fine Molds: IJA Super Heavy Tank O-I | Armorama™

Fine Molds re-issues its 1/72 scale kit of the IJA super heavy tank designated as O-I.

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So there is a box within a box. Great :slight_smile: Regardless it may be a pretty interesting addition to any tank-collections… (I really wonder if anyone has interior plans for this monster. I am not sure the Japanese were keen on saunas, but you certainly can fit a couple inside.)

Wiki and here have the same interior plans, it’s not much but as a cancelled prototype might be the best one gets.

Somewhere there must be a case for a collection encompassing all the futile wastes of effort and resources during WW2. Some that spring to mind are mainly German, Maus, Ratte etc, but there is also the British Tortoise, TOG I and II, the American thing with double tracks (M29?) and now this. The best that can be said of the Axis ones is at least they wasted efforts that would otherwise have continued the war…


Ah yes, that’s the one. Sorry, wasn’t meaning to be derogatory, but all these designs were a dead end and a waste of resources. I suppose something may have been learned from them for future designs (NOT Ratte & Maus though!).