Finished 1/35 Captured jeep w/ crew

Well, I finally got around to finishing these figures, they are alpine miniatures Waffen SS Schwimmwagen crew. I put them in a captured jeep and they’ll be apart of my Arnhem diorama i built months ago. The smocks were painted with Andrea miniatures pea dot paint set and the pants were from ak interactives dot 44 set. The Dot 44 is pretty unique and doesn’t look right to me in all honesty. But i did a few views of a 1/16 bust being painted on YouTube and copied that method. The pants turned out okay on the second attempt and I’ll give myself an out by saying the creases make it difficult to paint the camo fully. The faces were completed with ak interactives flesh tones set and both figures were giving a Matt varnish wash then a wash of dark wash from ammo mig. I went back over and took off the excess, Will varnish them one last time before bed.