Finished a pair of shelf queens

After clearing a few more builds out of the way I decided to turn my attention to a couple that had been sitting collecting dust a while. The Spitfire was started in December 2017, and the Zero in December 2019. The Spitfire actually made it to basically the pre-paint phase, with fuselage sealed and wings on. The Zero, however, was only partially started at the cockpit stage.

I began working on the Zero again in mid-May and the Spit the first week of this month and managed to do in about five weeks what took me about four years to get around to. So if you look at the time invested in the kit versus the actual effort put into it I got a lot of easy pleasure out of it, I guess.

So, here they are presented in museum-ready aspect; minimal weathering and basically appearing as if only a few days into active duty. The Spitfire is painted in Mission Model paints over a Mr Surfacer 1500 base, with Tamiya panel liner and Testors Dullcote to wrap it all up. The Zero is a mix of Mr Color and Tamiya Japanese colors again over Mr Surfacer and finished with Dullcote.

Revell Spitfire Mk IIa

Hasegawa A6M5c Type 52 Hei

There are a few mistakes here and there and some mishaps, but the kits went together great in both cases and any issues are builder-related.


Nicely done with both those. They look the part to me so :+1:… And they made it off the shelf…:+1::+1:

Nicely done!
Always cool to see shelf queens completed!

Great job completing the Shelf Queens. Well done.


Beautiful work on those, especially the Zero.
Are they 1/32?

Yes they are.


I really like the Spitfire. My son in law is doing a Hasegawa MKVb. I have one dumb question. On the Spitfires why arent there any holes where the 30 caliber machine guns are? Only red patches?
Am i missing something. Thanks.

Fabric patches that were doped on before take off. They prevented dust and dirt getting into the gun ports.

Hope it helped.


Thats exactly what I was looking for. Makes alot of sense. Thanks for clearing up the MYSTERY.

Another reason for the patches over the gun ports was due to the early Marks not having a hot air defroster engineered into the airframe to keep the gun breeches from freezing up at high altitudes.

Cajun :crocodile: