Finnish Army T-72

I’m planning on finally building my Tamiya T72M1 kit, and I would like to model this vehicle in a Finnish Army version. During my research of several photos and videos of the Finnish T72’s, I have noticed that the Finns have modified their vehicles with a large stowage bin on the left side of the turret. This stowage box seems to have a unique, slanted shape, and before I attempt to scratch build this equipment, I thought I would ask if anyone is aware of an existing aftermarket accessory for this stowage box. If such an item does not exist, where could I locate some sort of scale plans to build one for myself?
Thanks in advance!

It seems hard to come by, maybe ebay?

Regards Freddy

shapeways make the box

Thanks Freddy!

This is exactly what I’m looking for. A bonus would appear to be the added wiring details for the smoke grenade launchers… I’ve been dreading tackling this extra detail. I sure I can locate one of these.

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Thanks so much for sending this info! This is exactly the stowage box I’ve been looking for.

You can find about every SBS T-72 turret on Ebay but that one.

The best one from my point is the JS box:

It is still in production, however I got my one bought by a friend in Finland. Don´t know about a distributor elswhere.

You may know that there are additional front and rear lights at the Finnish version that you can get via PSM:

and Echelon does a decal sheet on Finnish T-72.

In case if you did not find this page, it might be also of interest:


So I noticed! I really like the SBS Finnish turret as it appears to include the Echelon decal sheet.

Thank you for the Andreas Larka link. These photos will be of great help when I one day reach the painting and weathering stage.

Maybe it’s a stupid question but why the Finnish use Soviets equipment?