Fire for Effect!

Great fun little kit and build Jesper … I built many many many moons ago …


I almost would like to say: who of the older modellers amongst us didn’t?


Thanks for the comments, guys :+1:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

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A little more “tightening up” of some bits on the Napoleon. Heh, still have to cast that hub. :confused:

Going to see if I have some dark stain for the tool handles.



Great work Jesper and Michael. Love them both.


Nice work Jesper and Mike.


quick qustion. Are 3D printed items allowed. i have a cannon file, dont think i’ll get the kit i chose built in time

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This one is getting close to being finished…


Very nice Bert, looks impressive with that cam scheme as well.


I agree. Very nicely turned our so far Bert


Nice work, Bert! Impressive canon for such a small vehicle. The camo looks great.



Finished !

The RB Models barrel is a real must-have for this kit.

I’m quite happy with the result, despite the fragile plastic and the lack of precision in the assembly instructions.


I’m slowly making progress on my M109A7. At first I thought this would be a relatively simple build with some scratchbuilding thrown in to fix the kit’s errors. Boy, was I wrong! Yes, I’ve fix several of the kit’s errors, as you can see, but that hasn’t been the main challenge. The main issue is the kit is fighting me every step of the way. There’s really thick flash on many of the parts, short-shot parts, mold slippage, sink marks galore, and poor fit, all compounded by instructions with numerous errors in them.

I’m using @18bravo 's posts on how to fix the kit’s errors, an article from Abrams Squad magazine, and some reference images I found on the Web to guide me. Here’s where things stand:

The hull of my kit was thankfully not badly warped, unlike Rob’s, but it did have a slight warp to it. Sink marks are everywhere. The worst part for those was the M2 mount–I found seven sizeable sink marks on that one part alone (you can see the black filler in the first and second pics). You can also see a short-shot part in my first pic. A hint–that locator pin for the barrel shouldn’t have a hole in it. At least that one I can ignore.

I’ve decided there are some corrections I won’t tackle, particularly the one that involves cutting up the engine deck. Most of the other ones I’ve noticed I think I’ve addressed. I’m now going to shift to putting on the remaining detail parts and getting ready for painting. I’ll then finish cleaning up the tracks, which need a lot of TLC. I’ll keep plugging along…


Your progress is outstanding!

Odd that only one person on the planet got one with no issues whatsoever. All of the others suffer from exactly the same things. It’ll be great to see someone other than Panda take over the molds. Short shots and sink hole are the result of poor production practices.

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Thanks, Rob! And of course now I notice that one of the bolt heads popped off the turret. And that the cable reel holder on the rear door is crooked. Back to fixing things, I guess.

By the way, how did you deal with the incorrect shape of the fume extractor on the barrel? I’m stumped about how to reshape it accurately.

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My entry into this campaign, an 8 inch howitzer by Roden