Fire for Effect!

OK. I think I’ll extend to the end of July.


Thank you! Life was busy for the last two weeks but new paint arrived, primer is down, and base coating is underway. I just need to add a last few tools, make some sand shields, and finish painting.

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Finally getting back to the bench. Life has a way of changing your directions.

Finished the last piece yesterday and am starting painting. I was not totally thrilled with this kit I would give it a 7 out of 10. Lots of mold seams and seams in places that reminded me of kits 20 years ago. I think they missed the mark by what they left out of the box. The small ammo cart and shell should have been included, it was a no brainer that they missed. I did like the internal sleeve they used on the barrel. There were large handles that should have been molded separately, instead they just molded them to the base.

I got out my Eclipse spray gun and couldn’t get the needle to move back. So I disassembled what I could and all looked good. Took the plyers and carefully pulled the needle out from the back side. There was some gunk on the needle so into the ultra sonic cleaner with a jar of lacquer thinner. I was surprised at what came out.

I normally run lacquer thinner, then water when I finish a session. The airbrush was visibly clean when I picked it up so I guess the lesson is to deep clean when done for the day.
All is good now.

Here is where I need help from you artillery men. I have no experience with artillery and especally a siege gun. In weathering this,I am out of my league. I could just guess and most would tell me that was far too much mud and the fuel stains would seem odd.
Can you artillery types please advise me as to what a realistic weathering would be on a siege gun like this? In real life it was attached to a concrete base so It did not travel much. Where would the paint be worn and what areas would be bare metal. Are there streaking or grease/ oil stains? Dust? Any and all advice would be appreciated.


Thanks for the extension! I definitely needed it. I’m aiming to wrap up this weekend or next.

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Aloha and thank you for the extension.

Made some progress, but the extra time will allow me to fine tune and weather it. My Photo Booth went missing, so the pics are not that great.

[url=IMG_5287 | Zon Sullenberger | Flickr]

IMG_5285 by Zon Sullenberger, on Flickr

Happy Modeling,


I am calling this done. 420 cm “16 inch” gun is big. The weathering is my interpretation since I am not an artillery person and photos were only so helpful.


Looking good! Since it is a fixed piece, I recon that weathering was virtually non existent? Or was it a field piece? Than I’d go for some scuffing and dust…

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It was an outside piece mounted to a concrete base