Flakpanzer IA finished

Finished up the Tristar Flak Panzer IA today. I started this kit back in February of 2021 and then it sat painted for a long while. Finally got around to weathering it. My first adventure in more weathering techniques, this included a pin wash, dry brush, failed attempt at oil dot filtering which thankfully I was able to fix, and pigments

Really enjoyed my first Tristar kit, too had they went under. The flakpanzer IA is a cool little machine but never one I’d want to crew. They were used in anti-infantry/infantry support role. 24 were made from left over panzer I chassis in summer 1941, all would be lost by Stalingrad

Forgot to mention, the barrel is a metal one from RB models, and the trailer wheels are from Hussar


Very nicely done!

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Well done for getting the little guy finished. Looks very very nice. Paint and weathering have turned out brilliant… Great work Mead… What colour did you use for the panzer grey ?

Thank you! I’m very happy with how it turned out. It’s a neat little vehicle.

I used AK Real colors scwarzgrau RC341 and lightened it with a custom elfenbein made from 1 part tamiya flat white, 1 part buff and 1 DROP tamiya flat yellow. The mix was about 80% scwarzgrau/20% elfenbein here is how it looked pre weathering


I’m not sure what worked and what didn’t, but the tonal differences in that grey are very nice indeed.

Thanks Mead, it does look great :+1:

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Thanks! I got a bit lucky on the front of the hull. I tried oil dots and got a chalky yellow finish, thankfully I got most of it off with Q-tips but this left it very glossy. Hit it with a dark brown filter and then dull cote out of the AB which brought it back to life, the rest was pin washes, dry brush, filter of dark brown, and pigments

Looks amazing man! The color variation and dust really set it off as a unique model.

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Amazing work Mead! Great work on such a “Gigantic kit”, haha. I really looks great and keep up the good work. Hope to see more!


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Thanks man!! It amazes me how small the panzer I is! This kit takes up some real estate at least in length because of the trailer but next to my leopard and KV-1 in the bench it is TINY

Outstanding! Very nice results Mead with the TriStar kit!

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Thank you! Appreciate it!

I may have stolen a couple tips and tricks from your outstanding shadow paint tutorial on the Panzer IV

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Well Mead however you fouled up the dot filters, you sure made a great save because the tonal variations in the base color are perfect! That little Panzer is a gem! Whatever you’re doing keep up the great work, your finishing skills are shining.


Looks great, man!!

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Nicely Done

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Great work! Building one of these has been on my to do list for quite a while.

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Thanks!! It’s a fun little kit!

@Targetdriver Scott, welcome to the forum!