Flight Debriefing La-5FN Lobanov | AeroScale

Presenting Гойна Максим and his truly stunning diorama "Flight Debriefing" La-5FN Lobanov. The La-5 quickly gained recognition as pilots liked not only its high performance and powerful armament (two ShVAK cannons), but also the air-cooled motor, which had greater survivability than the liquid-cooled motor, and at the same time served as protection against enemy fire from the front hemisphere.

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at https://aeroscale.net/news/flight-debriefing-la-5fn-lobanov

Beautiful job. The models, figures and groundwork all are excellent in my opinion. Anyone know what scale and what models used?

Superbly executed. I recognize an ICM figure set, as well an Ultracast resin pilot figure, so definitely 1/48 scale. I’ve found ICM figures in that scale to be quite good, but my painting skills are not up to this guy’s level.

Kinda figured it was 48th scale because of the airplane but wasn’t sure. The figures are so well done I thought it could be 35th scale. I can’t paint 35th scale figs that good lol.

Absolutely first rate diorama. It seems Aeroscale is a magnet for this kind of thing, as aircraft dioramas that combine so much ground figures and equipment is very rare, particularly at this impeccable level of execution…