Flyhawk 1/72 FT 17 (test)

This is Flyhawk’s 1/72 FT17 . Very nice model , and comes two to a kit! This kit has been reviewed before. This is a test post.


Test complete… Nice little rendition. One that is often forgotten about.

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Beautiful Model! The camouflage and tracks are spectacular!

Thanks! I was happy with the way the tracks turned out, too. I’m not sure, but I think I mixed steel with red brown (Citadel and Ral Partha acrylics), followed by black oil wash, followed by rust pigments, followed by a dry-brushing of more steel on high points - or something like that!

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Ditto Looks amazing!!! :smiley:

My compliments, Leo. That FT 17 looks just right! I especially like the dirtied, weathered look. I did a “clean” FT in 1/144, but I think your treatment looks better!