Flyhawk 1/72 Tiger ll/Porsche turret

Been waiting for this and now don’t want it:

Notice it lacks Zimmerit! For Flyhawk this is inexcusable…what were they thinking?? If I want an incorrect, or incomplete Porsche Tiger, I’ve got the Revell one, and one’s more than enough! :pouting_cat: :frowning_face:

:grinning: :canada:

Thanks for you observation and post. :+1:
I bought this. It is a beautifully packaged and detailed kit. But then I read your post and so will sadly be putting it on the shelf until a suitable aftermarket zimmerit upgrade becomes available. I lack the skill to add my own, not good with putty or texturing.

Hopefully Monroe Perdue will release a Zimm set for this kit.
:grin: :canada: