Four Stars Miniatures Kalmar RT 240 | Armorama™

New resin kit of a Kalmar RT240 Rough Terrain Container Handler coming from Four Stars Miniatures

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Only 210 Euros, looks awesome though,
still a big chunk of cash to fork out for a forklift on steroids.

Want one, and that’s final.

They also make a bad-ass looking wrecker, looks like a civilian version of a KrAZ-255

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Hi Robin, yes, it´s huge.
I saw it a few years ago at Grafenwöhr and fell instandly in love with. I even build tire for. Definitly worth the 210€ price tag.


The US Army designation is Rough Terrain Container Handler or RTCH.

There are a lot of “Ratch” videos on Youtube.

*One Bad A$$, Mother F . . . * SHUT YOUR MOUTH!


Been wanting this in 1/35th since I first saw one ~ Had hopes of it being in styrene though.