Francis 1/3 Porsche Carrera type 547 engine

Hi all got this for my birthday, I’m well impressed, the instruction manual is a thing of beauty I’ve never seen one like it before.

It is full of history and information also loads of beautiful pictures of the cars this engine was in.

The actual instructions make up about a third of the manual and are also beautifully printed and clear to follow.

The box is huge, good quality and stuffed to the brimm with high quality plastic.

I’m intending to build this as half see through rather than completely see through as is intended with the kit


So I’ve started the crankshaft and piston.

I’ve built the casings of the half I’m going to paint, we have a machine at work called a vapour blaster which we use to clean engine parts which I’m hoping to use to give these parts a cast look (it uses tiny glass beads and is only supposed to remove 30 microns on metal parts will try it on a piece of sprue first)


Hi all more work on the engine, im certainly getting a lot of practice creating metal effects on this one.


Never seen that kit before. Looks very impressive.

Hi all one of the advantages of having a 547 engine completely dismantled at work is loads of reference material, for instance this main drive gear should have 6 30 mm holes in it, 1/3 equates to 10 mm

I also took the half I’m painting aluminium to work to vapour blast it (for a cast effect)

And the first coat of the casting effect


Great work so far Ken! Outstanding attention to detail as always, but I think having a 1:1 in pieces close to hand is cheating :grin:

Looking forward to more updates.

Cheers, D

More work on this, been adding a few bit of discolouration to the ally side, got a bit more work to do on those effects yet.

Still loads more bits in the box.

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Looks awesome Ken. Great idea, with the divided see through.

Well I’ve got the valves installed worked some more on the casings getting happier with the results (I think maybe its too shiny needs dulling down a bit) I don’t want to make it look grubby just weather worn and aged.

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Very cool, looks great.
Seen these several time and haven’t pulled the trigger (yet)…

Great progress for sure. I do really like the concept of one half of the engine being alloy and the other half clear so we fan see all the inner workings of the engine.


Hi all more work on the valve gear

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Hi all started on the exhaust down pipes (dosent really show in the pics)

I tried an experiment with metal effects on the exhaust as I didn’t want it to look the same as the engine and im really pleased with the look of them.

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Nearing completion now.


This is looking just amazing Ken, great work!

Cheers, D

I love this! Very nice presentation with just the one side finished see-though, too.

I’ll be looking forward to seeing more.

Spectacular metal finish.

Just an amazing build. Loved the video of the engine actually running. Now that’s really impressive.


Well its done (the supplied belt is too tight making the top pully bind and stopping it)

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Nice! I think I’d be searching hard now for a replacement fan belt. (Would it be possible to stretch it some to loosen up the tension?)

It’s a really interesting subject, and you’ve made a very nice presentation with it!