Franzis 1/2 BMW R90S engine

Hi all this was my Christmas haul, there’s a lot in the box


made a start on it.

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There’s just so much cool stuff out there that I’ve never seen! This looks great Ken. Are you planning to paint any of the outer casing?

Looking forward to more progress reports.

Cheers, D

Not sure yet i did the porsche 547 engine half and half on this I figured I would start all clear if I don’t like it (itscall screwed together) I will take it apart and redo it.

More done to this.

More work on the R90S

Work done on the gear linkage mechanism (and I couldn’t resist trying it)

Another kit that I’ve never heard of. Half scale really shows off the true inner workings. To say that I’m super impressed, is putting it mildly.

For what it’s worth, I vote along with D to go with painting half the engine in Metallics as one side is basically exactly the same as the other side.


Hi all well its done.

When do we hear it run?

Great build for sure. and the Video was a special treat. I’m assuming that the lever you were pushing was to change gears?


Yes mate to be fair the gear ratios are so close together it barely noticed.

Very nice Ken ! Why don’t you scratch build the rest of the bike to go with it ? Don’t forget the dodgy brakes …

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With your knowledge of bikes, and skills as a machinist, why not help Ken do just that.