FROG Javelin - Prototype kit from waaaay back!

The ‘50s were an exciting time, with airplanes improving, performance-wise, in leaps and bounds, and with new, futuristic shapes taking to the skies in increasing numbers. Swept wings, delta wings, rockets and afterburners… it was as if all the sci-fi serials had exploded into life overnight. For aviation-minded youths of the time, it was only natural to want to build the “latest and greatest” of these new aircraft as soon as possible.

To that end, the modelling companies of the day often tripped over each other to be the “first out” with kits of new and racy planes, sometimes to the detriment of accuracy. In North America, Revell, Renwal, and Aurora battled fiercely in the styrene arena (Styrena?), while in Britain it was Airfix vs. FROG.

Recently, I had a chance to get some of these ancient gems, and I asked which one people wanted to see first. The winner was the FROG 1/72 Javelin, which represents a prototype, not even the initial service marks! Check out this classic beast at the link below!