From my closet 1/12 Lotus 78

Next to build on my bench.


Ahhhh when F1 really was F1…


Very nice!There’s a series of programs on UK tv about Hornby,the parent company of Airfix.A recent one showed their designers at the Lotus museum scanning and photographing this car.They have made a new model of it,which got the Lotus chief’s seal of approval.
I’ll see if I can find a clip from the episode.

I believe the car done by them is the Lotus 72 not this Lotus 78 It is in 1/8th scale VERY $$$ My kit is 1/12 scale by Tamiya
Thanks Stuart .

Nice choice. I built this car back in 1985, but I don’t have it anymore. Cat destroyed it while I was away at college.


Bad kitty !

Yeah, and I probably could have fixed it too, but since I was in Boston at the time (freshman year) & it was in Maimi, my mom tossed it. Maybe I’ll build it again.