Fruil tracks

Friul tracks are going out of business,i did manage to bag myself a set of T 55 tracks,although not perfect,i hope somebody buys the block prints to reproduce them,i found staples to be a good solution to the pins though,any thoughts from anyone else on the subject,Masterclub etc…

Even with Friul’s, I always replace the stiff wire with soft brass wire, cut to the correct width of the track. Other manufactures that employ metal/resin/plastic/3D track, that use plastic pins to both sides of the track, will always be replaced. I found the plastic pins extremely unreliable to excessive handling. They also will be replaced with brass wire, if possible. Some Asian manufactures, like R Model, make exact metal track pin replacements for a few different tanks. Early on, I also tried staples but found the process very work intensive, IMHO. Example: the T-Rex Panzer IV tracks, Type 6b, (TR85027), and the RFM Panzer IV late production tracks (2014), I possess, will forego the plastic pins and be replaced with exact length metal pins, from R Model (3500H). After assembly, I’ll dabble very thin cement to one end of the track to retain in place. A note of caution: not all replacement track have the holes “drilled” all the way through the track width.


These 3-D tracks are very good and easy to use,I ordered twice from them and have been happy.

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Thank you for the heads up it, looks like real goody bag of a site for aftermarket gear :wink:

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