FS/FT: 1/48 Aftermarket, Aircraft, Decals & Figure

The following items are offered for sale or trade. Asking prices are listed, but I’m open to offers.

Each pays own shipping on trades.

Thanks for looking!

Eduard 8179 Fw-190F-8. $29.99
Yellow 14 and bar and werk number decals missing as shown.

Aires 4213 AV-8B Harrier II Cockpit Set. $17.49
Aires 4213 2

Eduard FE822 Ki-61 Hein Zoom PE Set. $8.99

Eduard 49646 Spitfire Mk. IX PE Color Set. $7.49
Eduard 49646

Quickboost 48027 Fw-190D-9 Exhausts (Tamiya) $5.99

Cutting Edge Limited Edition 48051 Fw-190D-9 II/JG 301 Advanced Research Series Decal Set $24.99

Super Scale 48946 AV-8B Night Attack Harrier IIs $5.99
SuperScale 48946a
SuperScale 48946b

Third Group 48036 Fw-190D-9 Decal Set $5.99

AeroBonus 480109 US Mechanic Pacific $7.99

AeroBonus 480109 2

Eduard Fw-190F-8 and Aires Harrier cockpit sold.

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