Fun with Foam aka a simple wall

Not sure where exactly to post this, so apologies if I’ve missed somewhere more obvious…
Just been playing around with some recently acquired xps foam.
Tools used:Ballpoint pen, scriber and edge of a steel ruler. Painted with acrylics and washed with enamels. Issues of the structural integrity of the window aside, I’m happy with the result.


It’s great seeing people create something from (virtually) nothing. Well done!


It gets my vote… Well done. Looks great :+1:

Very nicely done. Thanks for sharing.
Will have to try that myself.

That looks great Paul. Your colour vaiation is very well done too.

I really have to invest in some of this foam. Scribing plaster takes so long and is tough on the nerves in the finger tips. This was hours of work and days until my fingertips stopped tingling:


If you carve the stones in plaster don’t wait until the plaster is rock-hard solid…when it’s still a little squishy (pardon the technical terms) carve in the stone pattern. When it’s completely set up, then you can neaten up the edges with sandpaper, and texture the surface.
:grinning: :canada:


Just build a wooden window buck for the window and the lack of arch will be obviated. Need not have a true header. We do that all the time with cement walls at Habitat.

A friend of mine (who passed away to early) made me some bases and told me some tricks. The material used is called Styrodur from BASF.
10mm BASF foam

Fortress wall for 75mm figure

Mountain sprring for 75mm

Generic Battlefield for Great War to Ukraine

Feldweg with bridge for Spz Luchs, made after a real piece of land. Unfortunatly, clear resin for water had bad reaction.

FMTV cargo area cover made from one piece.

Generic rural road

Mid East/ Israel road

BTW the Feldweg/Bridge is cut from one piece.


Hope you dont mind Hermann, but I’m going to "borrow " a few of those ideas particularly the bridge one…
Ihave a few ideas in mind.

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Please fell free to use it.:slight_smile:

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