Für ein Vogel ist das Leben viel einfacher

Well this is my current idea of what to call it anyway. The two guys are thinking that as they look at the curious bird.
This diorama kind of evolved from building and painting a tank kit that no one wanted, into a full revival of my old hobby from my teen years in the 80’s… hence it is mostly painted with artists acrylics and a few oil paint bits. The tank camo therefore lacks something but I have made the most of it with my weathering efforts.
There is a bit more to do on it - I will add an antenna on the tank, fix the jerry can on with some wire, do a bit more painting, and maybe add some more random small equipment.

Hopefully this will be at the Modelbautage event in Basel the weekend after next if any one is around that region…:slight_smile:
@Armor_Buff Here is where some of your photo etch went - thanks again for for that!
@DIOWORK Erik, here is my best effort with Tamiya figures - I will try some resin heads at least when I do my next dio!


Well done on the completed wagon and the Dio Paul. You’ve done a lovely job overall and there’s plenty there for the eye to wander over. Well done :+1:

Wow! I think you have done a great job. Nice size of the diorama. The figures looking good, once you have done some more figure painting you we’ll see for your self the greatness of the resin figures.
Some practicing on the Tamiya ones is good I think.

@PaulG excellent! Happy to know the PE proved useful. Very nice restoration!

Nice diorama I like the well-made vegetation and I think it is wise to start practicing painting on plastic figures I should have done it instead of destroying expensive resin figures. (now I paint plastic figures)

You don’t have too much to learn about figure painting, faces are great (the hardest part!).

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Everything’s cool , lovin the log work .
Panther and figs are also a beauty !!

Thanks guys for your encouraging commets! :slight_smile:
The Panther is an old Tamiya kit. The first one tehy made I think. I cut the engine door open and stuck the engine inside. To make the underside of the engine door more realistic I did a little scratch building on it (and inside the turret). My work on the upper part of the engine door underside was pretty untidy, so I covered it up with a bit of rag that the mechanic is using. One thing I like about working with this kind of thing is that almost nothing is irrepairable in some way!