Future (Pledge) as a varnish question

Hi all,

I plan to give a coat of clear varnish to my model today.

I have an old bottle of “Future” a very good late friend of mine brought me from the States. It looks pretty fine depict its age, no yellowed or dried so I want to give it a try. Couple of questions tough:

I´ll airbrush it so, I have to thin this stuff?
If yes, with what and in which proportions?

Thank you in advance.


While I haven’t used future in probably 10-15 years, when I did I just airbrushed it straight from the bottle, no thinning.

No need to thin it. You also can brush it. It does not leave any kind of marks.


I concur with Ken, I use Future all the time and shoot it straight from the bottle. No thinning. It doesn’t go bad, either, as long as you keep it sealed well. Make sure you mist it on in light coats and build up the shine. Future is very thin and if you get it too wet it will pool and run on you. It is an outstanding gloss coat though!

agree with all the above. I will note that I have an old Badger airbrush I use exclusively for Future because it cleans up with ammonia. I have another airbrush for painting. I don’t know that it really makes all that much difference, but I don’t have to worry about any residual thinner/cleaner getting into the wrong mix.


I just clean my airbrush with Windex (with ammonia) and then shoot distilled water through it to get all the Windex out. The airbrush is 20 years old and no damage.

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Tonight I´ll give it a try.
Thank you, guys! :wink:

@SSGToms: Yeah, I really do it that way just so I can still get use out of my 40-year-old airbrush which isn’t any good for painting anymore.


Warning!!! If there is a run and it is not a giant drop, leave it alone. you probably will not see it when it dries. There seems to be a high ratio of carrier to acrylic so the run will flatten out as it dries. I have had good luck with both brushing (due to it leveling well) and air brushing. I use it on car models.

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It’s a good gloss for decaling, and as said great for finishing model cars.

Here is another great use for it. I use it in a 50/50 ratio with bottled water as thinner for the craft paints that I shoot through my airbrush it works.