FW -190 all types

Hello all, I love aircraft and am fascinated with the FW-190 would like to hear other’s thoughts on the Plane and ideas on aftermarket parts. at some point when the new job and relocation are finished, I plan on diving into some builds. until then I’m reading and such.
I currently have a FW-190 D-9 Tamiya 1/48 #61041 the D-9 is probably my favorite model of the FW -190. I have found quite a few references online and in book form however am open to recommendations/suggestions.


Hi TinyDog01,

You sound like me. If I was told I could only build models of one German types for the rest of my life, it would be the Fw 190.

Thousands of people are fascinated by the 190. I have no idea how many Fw 190 books and kits are out there. They cover technical aspects, operational histories, colors and markings. I will be interested in what books other people recommend. I only have a few and they are all decades old expect for this one: https://aeroscale.net/news/focke-wulf-fw-190-the-latter-years---d-day-to-the-fall-of-germany

These two are favorites:

Focke-Wulf FW190 by Robert Grinsell

Focke-Wulf Fw 190 - Workhorse of the Luftwaffe

That one covers the history of the Fw 190 via the restoration of the 190 on display at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum.

Tamiya models - you can’t go wrong with them.

Hope that helps.



Hello JPTRR, thank you for the reply I’ll definitely have to check out the reference

as for the other two listed I have seen the first one but the second is new to me. At some point a few years back I came across a translated technical manual for a fw-190 from World War two can’t remember for what model, wish I had saved it. Thanks again for the Information On the FW-190 references.


Two more books and recommend. If you want a concise history but a lot of good technical data, find this book:

And in this book, Captain Brown shares his notes from test flying numerous enemy aircraft and then gives his assessment on how they would have fared against allied planes.

In both cases, you’ll find out a lot of good information about the Focke-Wulf.

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And while not a model, if you really want an FW 190 bad enough, head out to Goshawk in Casa Grande, Arizona.

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