G6 questions?

Hi all
I intend to show the driver hatch open to see a bit of the driver station and would like to know if the hatch fully opens to the left or if it can be locked vertically. All the pictures I have show the hatch closed.

Additionally can anyone give me the color for the muzzle velocity radar?


I don’t know if it can be locked in the vertical position but it definitely opens all the way to the left, and remains in a horizontal position when it does. Locking it vertically would be asking for trouble when traversing the turret. Those windows hinge at the bottom if you want to open them as well.

Most muzzle velocity radar I have seen have a light grey face.

Thanks a lot. I noticed only one lock for the hatch. So it makes sense.

Thank you for the radar color.

Concerning the side windows they already are glued. That’s why I would like to have the hatch open.