Gambody 3D printed Tie Bomber

well folks,

those guys over at gambody have just launched a new star wars vehicle that you can buy files for a 3D printer, this time it’s the Tie Bomber.

instructional assembly video ( coz who still uses paper instruction sheets these days lol)

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Separate panels to eliminate masking, sweet!

Cool, all I need now is a good 3D printer and something to download the files too! :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

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@Littorio well I happen to have an account with Gambody and a chap who charges reasonable rates for printing. let me know if you are interested and I will PM you his details.

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OK what’s with the weird scales 1/34 or 1/68?

@Littorio i asked the same thing about making the scales 1/48 or 1/72 to blend in with Bandai kits, this was the response i got on Gambody’s youtube channel:

*** Hello, and thank you for taking the time to share your impressions on the freshly released TIE Bomber 3D Printing Model. We appreciate your in-depth feedback and are sorry that you find the default scale inconvenient somehow. You see, the mechanical 3D printing models inspired by the Star Wars universe come at a chosen scale that is 1/34 for the FFF/FDM version and 1/68 for the DLP/SLA/SLS version. You can find this information on any model’s page, tab “Description”. The default scale of the models is chosen by our Moderation Team taking into account the most commonly used 3D printers to make sure that the customers will have successful printing experiences. Also, when talking about the section inspired by the SW, the scales chosen by default enable the hobbyists, who are the fans of this fictional universe and make their tabletop collections with Gambody models, to have all the models printed at a similar scale. Either way, in case you need more details on the models we feature or have more questions, contact us at or via messages on Facebook!***

I get from that, that they made it those scales because they can.

As much as I like the look of some of their products if they don’t match up with my Finemolds or Bandai kits then I’ll pass.

@Littorio i have a guy down in birmingham that prints my stuff and he can resize it on his machines, so it’s worked out ok but i still have to build the things…really need to focus and clear the bench.

Gamebody is where you buy the model file. You don’t directly purchase the model from them.

You can resize the final product on the printing software if needed. The 1/34 and 1/36 are recommended multiple pieces or one piece print with the recommended print frame support.

I don’t have 3d printer, but I ask a shop nearby to do it for me and they can resize the model to 0.01mm of difference.

@Dinocamo I get that, but as for downloading files I’m a bit limited, running an old iPad that is now on a OS which no longer updated and not a lot of free memory so I’ll pass.

@Littorio how about going to your local library and using their computers, download the files to their computer and transfer them to a memory stick. that’s similar to what I do with my guy who does my 3D printing.