GAZ-AAA Cargo Truck - Miniart Kit 35127 - Unknown unit, The Battle o Kursk - June 1943

Thanks Miguel, it is a challenging kit, you have to be very careful to get a good result, I did not dare to put a canvas on it, given that the whole part of the suspension is quite delicate, I have another GAZ, the version of the 43 … we will see if I encourage that one.

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More advances, the truck I finished, I suppose that I will put some container of gas in its box, and put it in its base… In these time I am here with the model, look:

The target:

The model:

Regards, Omar


Allowing me to compare the GAZ-AAA from Miniart Art, with the GAZ-AA from Eastern Express … before to put them in their bases



The end, I hope you like this model, see you in the next project, It will be a Truck 6 wheeled truck of the Japanese Army.
The last pictures of the GAZ-AAA:

Regardsm Omar


Omar, Congrats! That’s really exceptional work right down to the base. Looking forward to your next project.


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Hi Mike, thanks by your comment, It’s very important to share our hobby.
Regards, Omar :beers:

Not generally a fan of soft skins but your rendition turned out very nicely. I especially like the worn/faded paint and that well used but not abused look that you have achieved. :+1: :+1:

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Very nice!

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