Gaz Tigr seatbelts

Does anyone have any photos or drawings of the seatbelts in the Gaz Tigr series vehicles? I am mostly interested in how they connect to the vehicle frame and seats. None of the photos I have found show the details clearly. I was hoping that some PE sets would have seatbelts in them, and I could use the instructions to guide me. Unfortunately, none of the PE sets that had instructions on Scalemates include seatbelts. I was really hoping that Quinta Studio would come out with an instrument panel set and seat belts for the Zvezda Tigr, but nothing so far, and I am ready to close up the model.

Thanks for any help you can give.
Bill Moran

I think, but I’m not 100% sure, you can use Quinta seatbelts. Have you checked those?


I don’t know if the rear seats setup is the same in the kit you have, but maybe the anchor-point fixings are the same…


I have some of the Quinto Studio seatbelts on their way to me from Russia to go in the Zvezda Typhoon-K on its way from Lithuania. I am fairly certain the Tigr series of vehicles use standard passenger car seatbelts. The Quinto Studio seatbelts are a five-point harness style that is appropriate for all Typhoon family of vehicles. The Tigrs are armored but not MRAPs, so five-point harnesses would be overkill in them. The Tigr seats are not on shock absorbing mounts like those in the Typhoons also.
Thanks anyway,

I get a 1011 error when trying to view those photos.

I have started making some seatbelts out of masking tape, some leftover 1/32 Luftwaffe seatbelt hardware and polystyrene strips. If I don’t find any definitive photos in the next couple of days, I will just wing it on the mounting. I am also assuming the rear seats only have lap belts because there are more photos of the back part of the passenger compartment, and shoulder belts would be quite obvious, which is not the case.
Thanks for the effort.

Maybe the link to the page they come from would work ?

Here’s another view showing the top fitting points of the front belts :


Yes, you are correct. Quinta is for Typhoon family of vehicles, not GAZ Tigrs…

The seatbelts from Frenchy’s links look fairly easy to do. Many Eduard PE sets have those included.

I used to do something similar to your idea. Cut out the latch plates and pilar loops, adding belts from thin lead foil. Lead foil bends easier and looks much better than the PE.


Thanks Frenchy! Those photos are just what I was looking for.

Not seat belt related-where is the radio in the Tigr?
Thanks Dan

My notebook PC won’t power up, but when (if?) I get it fixed I’ll check my photos to see if a radio installation is visible in any of them. I do remember seeing a standard mike clipped onto the dash in one of the pics. I think the available kits are missing some of the features of actual operational Tigrs. They were probably designed based on measurements taken of vehicles at armor expos.

Thanks-I see photos with the vehicle with antennas but on interior pics none are seen.