Gecko 1/35 Katy

Does anyone know when we might see Gecko’s 1/35 Katy ? Lots of press about it a while back but nothing new lately.

Is this the same model as the new soon to be released Airfix kit? They have re-released a series of 1/35th armour kits, mainly ex-Academy?

I don’t think so - I believe both kits are new mold by their respective companies. The Gecko kit was shown with a resin figure of the Queen as she was trained to drive one in WW II .

They are not the same kit. Photos of the test build of the Gecko kit have been published. The release date is not yet set.

There 1/35th Scimitar has been released

The Gecko K2 has just gone on pre-order in England with a release date of 7/31/22 and a price of £32.95 ($43.58 USD).

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do you have a link for that?

Airfix have one as well in 1/35 and it’s out now for just over £30

Here you go David. They’ve changed their advert to the special boxing with specific decals and a figure of HRH.

@SSGToms Thanks Mathew, when i get one i want to do it like the on in the old British black and white film “Ice Cold in Alex”

Yes, I’d have preferred a figure of Sylvia Syms to HM!

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I saw a discussion about the vehicles used in the film which I can not find ATM but there was both 4WD and 2WD versions used.

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