Gecko Bedford MWR and aeroscreen MWC | Armorama™

Gecko continue to offer variants of the wartime 15cwt 4x2 Bedford MW in 1/35th scale.

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The water bowser box art shows an ovoid tank while the CG images show a round one …

Dang, no frontal shots to see if there are possibilities of IDF uses…but, but BUT…a vehicle for the stash nonetheless…especially the water tank truck.

What feature(s) on the front would make them IDF trucks?

Modified front end, like additional, and/or, deleted features. Improvised/modified vehicles is what I look for, hoping one could be spotted in the numerous Trackpad photo albums of the early IDF.

Wow… I had to go back and look and your right. Curious why no one else has indicated which way is correct. Perhaps they both are and its and option for the kit???