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As a logical extension to the Mk I Daimler Armoured Car, Gecko Models are to issue a 1/35 scale model of the Sawn Off Daimler.

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armoured dune buggy :laughing:

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Only thing more gangster than a Daimler is a sawn-off Daimler

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This is a very unique model with an equally unique regiment operating them. This is going on the build list for sure.

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Saves me the trouble of removing or omitting a whole lot from the original Gekko kit when it’s released (turret, ammo fittings, Ammon for the 2 pdf gun, etc). Thanks Gekko! Someone is using their brain!

Very interesting vehicle. I take it they were used for recon/ command purposes? Cool looking

Never would have expected this in a million years. Another winner for sure. The guys at Gecko sure know how to pick their subjects - keep then coming.

I was going nuts earlier looking for this thinking it was an article I’d read and not a bloody video…

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The youtube mentions the d-day cars were painted black - anybody got details?

There’s more pics of several real SOD on Missing Lynx - Allied.

Andrew T

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