German desert air filters

Some time ago, someone was inquiring about some strange-looking desert air filters mounted on a StuG lll. I was browsing and found this, although there is still no evidence on how the system was actually connected to the engine:
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It was me :slight_smile:. The best image I was provided from the time was this one. I still don’t know how the hell it works, but I have enough information to 3D model it at least. Also, thanks for posting this!

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The Hobby Boss DAK Stug has one in its kit to take a look at

Hobby boss makes a DAK StuG ?

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Hmm…looks like Bronco has forgotten the pipes from the front end of the filter that lead into the engine air intakes. :pouting_cat: Although without sealing off the rest of the engine air intakes would make the devise ineffective, wouldn’t it?
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You are right!

Oh ok cool. Looking at all the Dragon StuG IIIs and can’t seem to find one with the desert filters. Didn’t they make one? And how does the Bronco/Hobby Boss kit compare?

I don’t think dragons has any kits with the filters.
I have no idea on how they compare.

Dragon’s kit number 6905 has the tropical air filters. Wayne

And here it is!

10498943z6 (2)

No such thing as a Bronco/Hobby Boss kit as it relates to this StuG III. The StuG III is a Bronco kit and has nothing to do with Hobby Boss, nor has HB ever released it.

Ahhh you are right,I meant to say I built the Bronco DAK Stug


Ok that’s what I thought, thank you!

Thanks Wayne !

Oops responded to someone else by mistake Wayne . Thanks again