German Panzerjager Triebwagen 51 - 1:35

Hi All,

German Armoured Train WWII, Panzerjager Triebwagen 51. 1:35 scale.

Train/Base - both are from Trumpeter and built straight out of the box and it was first sprayed with Army Painter Dark Sand and then dry brushed using Vallejo Paints Dark Sand and then weathered using Vallejo Paints and Pastel Chalks.


Nice. Good looking build and finish is well done.

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To @Johnnych01, thanks so much mate.

Nice job. Ironically i just picked up this kit a couple of months ago at the National AMPS show in South bend. Still trying to figure out what i want to build with the scene.

Hi @Panzer948, thanks mate and it’s a great kit to build and I was going to the interior with a cut-a-way section but couldn’t find any interior pics at all. I then just decided to make it on its own as you couldn’t just have it by itself. Hope you have better luck trying to figure out a good scene for it.

Congratulations on finishing your Triebwagen! The model is very well done–an interesting subject not familiar to me. The base is also very nice. There are just enough streaks and highlights to convey the moderately used state of the machine and bring out the many small details.

After seeing your project, I spent a few hours reading about armored trains and looking at available models. They are very strange beasts. In my opinion, you chose one of the most interesting to model. The two Panzer IV turrets make it very menacing.

Hi @Damraska, thanks so much mate and I’ve always loved the German designs during WW2 and when I saw this kit I just had to get it especially like you said it does look very menacing with the two turrets.

Now an interior cutaway of this would be an excellent subject! Especially since the sides of hull are large flat pieces. Turret detail would be easy from existing kits, but yes the hull would be a research protect in itself. Plus I think many of these armored trains were self propelled so you would have an entire engine in there too. Great original idea but sadly might be lost to time since I think they only built 2 or 3 of these right at the end of the war.

You can submit this as a photo feature on the site so that it gets more widely seen if wished.

Hi @Panzer948 yeah the dreams we have when building models and diorama’s LOL but it would have been awesome thou.

Hi @CMOT, appreciate the info mate thank you.