German Tank muzzle bag

I was wondering what the German rank muzzle bag for lack of a better term was made out of? We’re they canvas and if so what color were they? I’ve seen them both dark and light in B&W photos. I am modeling a Stug IV and plan to show it transporting panzer grenadiers (the mini-art set) similar to the photo below. I also want to include the bag around the muzzle but I am not sure what original ones were made of.

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Thanks for the link. It indicates they were black or panzer gray. The one in the picture I am viewing is clearly lighter than the vehicle. Wonder if they also came in white or maybe a beige/buff color

Perhaps Feldgrau, like uniforms and other items, could be an option

This guy is covered in concrete.

When in doubt, make it whatever color you want (within reason) and weather and dirty it to the point where the original color is no longer apparent! :grin:

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