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New MiniArt kit is coming out soon. Kit #38023

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Can’t get enough trucks and trailers :smile:
loaded with German bier makes it even better :wink:

I’m on board for anything that rolls and carries barrels; I’m just wondering if that trailer ever saw widespread military use? The parts pics don’t seem to show the bows for the canvas top or a one-piece to replace them so it’ll be up to the aftermarket industry to cover(!) that absence.

I am interested in the trailer ( if it was in use by the Wehrmacht) only.
Have already the MB 1500S and 1500A kits. I bet that Miniart is going to release the trailer as a separate kit in the future. That would be one for my stash :+1:

Hmmm; I’m thinking Berlin - say 1947/8 - beer truck and trailer trundling past a burnt out and rusty Panther while an Allied MP patrol in a Jeep drive past in the opposite direction. Lots of Allied signs - including Soviet - and of course loads of rubble. Perhaps even some Truemmerfrauen?

In 1943 the Germans introduced the Einheitsanhänger in an attempt to replace the various trailers taken from the civilian market. The Einheitsanhänger were made in 3-ton and 5-ton versions but this one looks lighter so maybe it is only rated for 1.5 tons.
What I am getting at is that there could have been a wide variety of civilian trailers in the 1 to 1.5-ton class “drafted” for military use, just like the heavier trailers. Don’t know if the lighter trailers got replaced with E-trailers or if they continued using them until they fell apart.
This website seems to be some private or semi-private collection:
The 4th trailer down from the top is similar to, but not identical with, Miniarts version.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this trailer turns up in a combo kit with one of Miniarts farm tractors …

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Can’t wait for this one, very happy with another civvy truck and a trailer too!

Bet we’ll see this trailer with the Lanz road tractor at some point too.

Regards jason