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Gaz Tigr 233115 used by Russian Specnaz. I layed my nippers on the plastic early February this year and more or less in the middle of the build the invasion started. Wasn’t feeling that this project shall be completed but somehow I have decided that I will finish it and place on a vignette in Ukraine. I pushed myself from my comfort zone, there were many "first times". Lots of lessons on mistakes and advices from more experienced modellers whom I would like to say "huge thank You Guys!"

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@West West, welcome to the forum.

Do they really put words like that on road signs?

No, this was already discussed below and is a photoshop. The Ukraine govt is changing road signs to try and confuse the Russians, but not like this.

This is not photoshop. This is a harsh reality.


Welcome aboard Aleks.

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из них я не сомневаюсь. Именно этот явный фейк:

And yes, welcome to the forum!


Все верно. Вначале в сети появился фотошоп. Но затем эту идею подхватили и претворили в жизнь.

All right. Photoshop first appeared on the web. But then this idea was picked up and put into practice.

But I missed the point. The work was done at a high level. My congratulations!


and then someone made it for real:

Photoshoping those crinkles on a hastily glued poster/billboard is trickier …


First time I saw this sign on a official tweet from UA MOD, they used it as attention catcher to call people for changing the directions to miss guide russian troops. I have put this on vignette as a sort of personall manifest to the situation, the writing on the back are words dedicated to RU by my Ukrainian friend.


Nice work, yet, still to fresh in a terrible, terrible war.

Great model - but shouldn`t all the tyres be busted - and the guy should be running in the opposite direction ?! :wink: