Good Evening from the frozen North

Evening everyone

It appears my story is common to many here. I built kits from the age of about 10 until a wife and family came along about 20 years ago. Life got in the way of hobbies and then I moved from the Scotland to Canada about 12 years ago.

Life has finally settled into some kind of routine and Covid has freed up some time so I’m getting back into it. I was not able to bring my stash or any supplies with me to Canada so I’m starting from scratch again. Given the level of change I see that may not be a bad thing. I have assembled some basic tools and will be heading out this weekend to look for a kit to restart the journey.

Thanks in advance for the many questions


My interests are AFVs of most eras I prefer wheels to tracks for some reason so lots of jeep/truck/armored cars in my future I think.


Tom, welcome to the forum!

There are a lot of amazing AFV kits out these days. The range of subjects is simplely amazing! Welcome back,to building. This is an amazing time for the model hobby.


Welcome back to this hobby!
Pretty sure you will find something to get the mojo going again.

Welcome Tom,

Enjoy your return to the hobby!


Welcome back. The last 20 years have brought a LOT of change!

Welcome Tom, and how’s Alberta… I have lots of great memories from many MedMans at BATUS. You near Med Hat ?
These forums are great for chat and picking up new skills as I found out after a break from modelling.
All the best … John

Welcome back Tom! This is a very friendly bunch here, a little warped, but very helpful and always ready to lend a hand with expert advice on any situation. Don’t ask them about girls though - they don’t know nothin’ 'bout girls. :grin:


Whaddaya mean? We knows lots about girlies …


Welcome back. Lots of friendly and knowledgeable folks here willing to help with all thing armor modeling related. Hope you are not too overwhelmed with all the choices now available. :grin:

Yeah me too!

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Not too far away from MedHat. Camped down that way a few times and sat by the fire listening to the night exercises.

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Lol I’m Scottish warped is part of the package.


Too true! Welcome!

If you’re in Calgary I recommend model land his store is packed full of good kits, at a decent reasonable price. If they don’t have what you’re after I often order from sprue brothers or scale hobbyist out of the states

Thanks I’m heading to modelland this afternoon I think.

Awesome. It’s a nice little store and I like to support it when I can.

Hope you can find something you like

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Hi Tom,
Welcome back to this great hobby and enjoy!
Joe from another part of the Great Frozen North!

So much to like so little cash lol I got a couple of basic kits to ease back in but ill be back to support them some more.

Glad you liked it. The store is absolutely packed full of stuff, it can be hard to actually locate the item you want. But somehow the guy who runs knows precisely where everything is

Well, your first problem is moving from one cold climate to another! What were you thinking??? :rofl: Welcome back to the hobby as well!