Good Evening from the frozen North

The Scots are well known for their allergy to heat lol.

Now that is some funny ‘chit’!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Welcome to the forums!

Here’s your 12 to 20 year fast-track to get you rolling again in the hobby. Obviously, a question unasked leaves a vacuum in your mind… that sucks. Ask away and tell your friends to come on over as well, join the mayhem. There’s a combined 1000 years plus worth of knowledge, yeah we got the creaky joints as a badge of office to prove it!



Welcome back to the hobby Tom! You came back at the right time, the hobby has begun to become more popular here in Canada, and more distributors are operating here! I look forward to seeing some of your builds.

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Hey Tom, welcome to Canada…er, The GREAT White North. Been a “Wonderful” winter here in Winterpeg with temps hoverin around -38 on average…t-shirt weather for us…LOL…! If yer in the market for AFV’s and other armour kits, check out our SUPERB on-line store HobbySense…Igor has a HUGE selection of kits, tools, paints, the lot, with service and shipping second to none…!

unclepine from the house of Tait…still tryin te fiind ma “cream de menthe…”! :wink:

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Thank you Sir it certainly seems like there’s a lot happening for sure

As for seeing my builds I think that may be a little while away. I wasn’t that great before and I dont think the time away has improved things.


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Thank you, it’s been remarkably mild down here this winter we only had one week of brutal the rest has been pretty pleasant.

I’ll check out hobbysense for sure thanks for the tip.


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Welcome to the land of snow.

If you are ever looking for anything, I have a small shop on the east coast, and ship all across Canada.