Good ww2 war movie

Just watched a film on YouTube.title is Panfilov’s 28 .it deals with the eastern front I found it awesome and without a gaggle of t34’s. ,but plenty of panzer 3’s ,two types.may have been some cg,but I could’ve tell.


Sweet will check out the film.

Panfilov’s 28 Men has an interesting Wikipedia entry. On DVD, it is also known as Battle for Moscow or Thunder of War in North American distribution.

Sounds interesting, started as crowd funded movie but picked up an endorsement and support by the Russian government.

It is always funny to see cursed german mock-up vehicles in Soviet movies, such as this one time I saw a PT-76B attempt to be a Tiger I or when some Pz. 4s were a little too wide and long.

Well,you won’t be disappointed with this one like Fury,there may have been some CG used ,but I honestly could not tell until the end of the battle when tha Germans decide to retreat and even that looked as good as MIDWAY.

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I appreciate cursed tanks, because it is interesting to see which tank they based it off of (usually T-55 for modern stuff). It is also nice to see real props and not CGI being used.

I wonder where they had these operational gems hidden?

At least I believe them to be T-55s. They are usually surplus or tanks on loan for cheap to my knowledge. Many of the films I’ve seen were also made during the USSR, so they most likely had tons of unused, old tanks, like T-34s and the like to use in movies.

The Pz. III and Pz. IV German tanks that appear on screen are 1/16th scale models, except for a single full-scale Pz. IV mock-up, specially built for the movie.


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Hooray for the use of model miniatures in movies! Nice to see that it is not a lost art.


I saw it a couple of years ago. A good fun movie.

I caught this movie on YouTube it was made in 1951 it was called “The Tanks are coming” great plot and you will see the induction of the late war new tank design m26 great movie it will keep you on the edge so much action great movie a must see!

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As I recall, one of the most interesting things about “The Tanks are Coming” is that the M26 is actually an M46 which is one of the only movies that I know of to feature that tank.

The segment towards the end where the dragon’s teeth are bypassed by dozing an earth ramp over them is also really interesting. The US uniforms and equipment are also perfectly accurate. (Unfortunately, that poor M10-Panther does make an appearance.)

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Finally got round to watching Panfilov’s 2, thanks for the reccomondation, great movie!!

Hello, I want to say I have two other movies to catch one is ,‘Five Graves to Cairo’ directed by Billy Wilder staring Ann Baxter, the only war movie he ever directed, the other movie is a French made movie 1945 and they used captured actual real German built war train rolling stock
artillery turret wagons and one that carried and launched off a captured H-39 french tank also they used in the action a old french breakdown steam railway crane the movis is subtitle and was found on YouTube its name was ‘Battle for the rail’ one the edge nail bitting action check it out.
I believe about 20 years later with same story or close to it around 1967 ‘the Train’ with Burt Landcaster was mad but thats my opinion.

Two movies that I’ve watched on YouTube that had good footage of WWII armor were:
“They Were Not Divided”, about the Guards Armoured Division
“Theirs Is The Glory” about the British 1st Airborne at Arnhem

Neither would be an academy award film even when they were made, but they did showcase lots of period equipment and vehicles, as well as having actual battle footage spliced in where needed.

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In fact they used a real German armored train, the Panzerzug BP 32, captured in September 1944 :


Thanks Frenchy, but i got a question about movie battle for the rails and what French manufacturer made the stream rail crane do you have any pictures of that prriod french railway stesm cranes? Thank for ypur response! Brock.

This one is not the model featured in the movie, but it was built at the end of WW1 by Caillard. Originally it was steam-powered but later it was fitted with a Diesel engine. It had a 50 ton lifting capacity :

More pics here

Here’s a period picture of the filming. AFAIK two types of cranes were used (32 ton and 50 ton lifting capacity) . Here’s a 32 ton one…

In action :wink:

and the 50 ton one

Here’s a crane-related article (in French)

EDIT : according to this article the 32 ton crane was built by Industrial Works and the 50 ton one by Caillard…


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My favorite has to be Cross of Iron. From 1976 with James Coburn.