Graffiti 113

Hi everyone, here’s my first post in the site, this is my PSP M-113 with a ZPU-2 gun on top, as seen during the Lebanese civil war, for it I used an Academy M.-113 and Meng’s ZPU.
Hope you like it!


Interesting. Never saw this combination before. Might have to give it a try myself. Any in progress photos of hoe the gun mounts to the hull? Thanks.

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Here’s the 1:1 one :wink:

Here’s another one, based on a M106 mortar carrier, and used by the Lebanese Army 9th Brigade :


Thanks will check the link you sent.

The instructions in the Ironside M113 ZSU-23-2 “kit” were simple in regards to the mounting to the hull.

Great looking build! What did you use for the graffiti?

Thanks armor, let me check back home if I saved some in progress pictures but the mounting is absolutely basic as I didn’t leave any open hatches, so just put the gun base on to the former turret opening.

Thanks Frenchy for the help :wink:

Hi Panzer, I used a “Chalk pencil” or at least that’s how they call it here in Argentina.

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Thanks again. Very helpful.

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Really nice work…!

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