Great story

I don’t know if this has been posted before, but this is an awesome great story that could serve as inspiration to someone.


Hahaha that was perfectly written!

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A very Australian rendition of the event, for a more restrained version:
The really interesting thing is the use of two armoured Gun Carrier Mk 1 as ARVs. It’s not clear whether these were the two specially built salvage tanks or ordinary Carriers used as towing vehicles. The Gun Carrier Mk 1 (the Mk II only got to the mock-up stage) was rarely used in it’s intended role as it was a versatile vehicle and much more effective as a vehicle to deliver supplies in support of attacks than the ordinary tanks converted for this purpose. Ironically, while the tank they recovered “Mephisto” is the sole specimen of its species, none of the 50 Gun Carriers built appear to have survived.