Grey line appearing in texts

hi all,

i’m using a Samsung S7 and i have noticed on more than one occasion that there has been a grey line appear in or just below texts, i submit these two pictures to show what i mean and i am sure other people have mentioned this but i can’t find the thread.

i am wondering if this is to do with viewing the site through google on my phone rather than using the app?

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The other thread …

markii who reported this uses Chrome on a Motorola Z3 phone.

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i typed grey line appearing in text and didn’t get a hit on the search, ah well at least there is a more in depth discussion about it on that thread, as long as everyone is aware of it then that’s cool.

thanks for the link Robin

We didn’t reach much of a conclusion except that it seems connected to smartphones.
I checked the posts with lines using Chrome on a Windows computer but I didn’t see any lines so I think it is tied to smartphones in some way.

yeah I agree, just a small bug in the system

Keep in mind this software is being continuously patched so it may be something that will get caught and patched out fairly soon hopefully. Which reminds me I should check to see if I need to do the update routine.

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